About Me

Flowers are my first love. Growing up, we had a lot of plant varieties in our home and garden: phloxes, kalanchoes, amaryllis, goldenrods, you name it. My mom would collect flowers into our flower pots, and I was always left to tend to them. I quickly fell in love with this duty. It’s been two decades since then and that love has only grown stronger.

Taking care of plants has always been a major passion of mine. When I’m not working my day shift as a store attendant at Target, I’m researching modern plant breeding methods and different ways to cultivate multiple varieties. My dream is to open a nursery that will bring people closer to plants. If I’m being honest, my home is basically almost one already! But there’s only so many plants I can keep in a 750 square feet flat.

The nursery is a dream that remains to be achieved, but in the meantime, I created Sally’s Flower Shoppe to engage any plant lover who cares to read what I have to say. My topics cover houseplant care, flowers, outdoor and indoor plants, flora ecosystem, and anything related. I’m always open to ideas, so reach out to me if you have any new topics you’d like me to write about or questions you need answers to.